About Us

Established in the 1970s, the Women & Family Department of Jamiyah Singapore (WD) has consciously engaged in empowering women in the community by identifying and providing training in suitable skillsets and encouraging its members to capitalise on their inherent strengths. In the past, skilled women conducted trainings and in-house activities like baking and sewing, home economics, etc. In turn, the members participating in such activities supported Jamiyah Singapore in its various projects, services and events by volunteering time and effort to ensure that those in need are provided the necessary services. Thus, the kampong spirit of learning and sharing has been kept alive and has invigorated many volunteers – be it individuals, families or communities.

With the changing profile of women in the community today, the department is now re-aligning its activities and initiating new activities. Based on feedback and discussion among the members, WD proposes to enhance its programmes with more inclusive activities that can engage and involve a wider audience.


Serving the Community, Caring for All

b. Mission
i. To inspire women to develop their capacity to better serve their family and community

c. Objectives
i. To promote physical, intellectual, emotional and social (PIES) well-being of women

ii. To strengthen family cohesiveness

iii. To harness partnership with global organisations, focusing on women and family matters